find oneself doing sth是什么意思(find oneself doing sth造句)





※apply vi.申请;适用 & vt. 应用;努力学习, 勤奋工作

apply (to…) for… (向……)申请……

apply to do sth. 申请做某事

apply to …. 适用于……

apply sth. to … 把某物应用于……

apply oneself to (doing) sth.= be applied to (doing) sth. 致力于/专心于做某事

※application n.申请, 申请书;应用

※applicant n. 申请人

(1) 语法填空

a. The person who wants to apply______ the position will be expected to have a good command of English.

b. We should apply the theory______ practice; otherwise, it is no use.

c. To my delight, I was chosen from hundreds of ______ (apply) to attend the opening ceremony.

d. Besides British citizens, the new traffic law will also apply ______ foreign drivers.

e. Due to the ______ (apply) of this medical technology, some diseases can be treated at the early stage.

答案:a. for;; c. applicants; d. to; e.application

2.take up 占用时间, 占据空间;拿起;开始做;继续


take off 起飞;脱下;请假;匆匆离开;开始成功

take away 拿走;夺走

take back 收回;带回;使回忆起

take down 写下, 记下;拆卸

take in 吸收;理解;欺骗;收留

take on 承担;雇佣;呈现

take over 接管

take after 长得像

(1) 用take短语完成句子

a. We tried to find a table for seven, but they were all__________.

b. Don’t be __________ by products promising to make you lose weight quickly.

c. We’re trying to ring you back, but we think we __________ your number incorrectly.

d. Mary __________ her mother; she has the same eyes, nose and hair.

e. I’m sorry I was rude; I __________ everything I said.

f. It was at the point that her acting career really __________.

g. We’ve decided to __________ a new clerk in the accounts department.

答案:a. taken up b. taken in c.took down d.takes after e.take back f.took off g.take on