亚马逊一直在建立仓库空间并增加员工人数,以应对大流行期间蓬勃发展的在线需求。据彭博社报道,到 2021 年底,它租赁了 3.7 亿平方英尺的工业空间,是 2019 年的两倍.Amazon had been building up warehouse space and increasing its workforce to cope with booming online demand during the pandemic. By the end of 2021, it was leasing 370 million square feet of industrial space, double the amount in 2019, according to Bloomberg.

但随着大流行消退,消费者开始减少在线购买,这家电子零售商发现它现在处理的容量太大。据Insider报道,产能过剩,加上生产力损失和通货膨胀,使公司上个季度损失了 60 亿美元.But as the pandemic receded and consumers began buying less online, the e-tailer found that it's now dealing with too much capacity. Excess capacity, together with productivity loss and inflation, cost the company $6 billion last quarter, Insider reported.

这导致其自 2015 年以来首次出现季度亏损。该公司在 4 月的新闻稿中宣布,今年前三个月亏损 38 亿美元。That contributed to its first-ever quarterly loss since 2015. The company announced it was $3.8 billion in the red over the first three months of this year in an April news release.

亚马逊计划转租多达3000万平方英尺的仓库空间或重新谈判租约。这是最新迹象表明,随着经济的重新开放,大流行期间的过度扩张现在正在咬住这家电子商务巨头。Amazon is planning to sublet up to 30 million square feet of warehouse space or renegotiate leases, according to the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. It's the latest sign that over-expansion during the pandemic is now biting the e-commerce giant as economies reopen.

在过去三个月中,亚马逊取消了近 1000 万平方英尺的仓库空间计划,搁置了在美国各地建立十几个履行中心和交付设施的计划,因为该公司在大流行之后与代价高昂的空间过剩作斗争.Over the last three months, Amazon has canceled plans for nearly 10 million square feet of warehouse space, shelving plans for more than a dozen fulfillment centers and delivery facilities around the U.S. as the company wrestles with a costly space glut on the heels of the pandemic.

正如彭博社报道的那样,熟悉情况的人士称,亚马逊需要做一些它不再需要的超过 1000 万平方英尺的仓库存储空间(与公司最大的 12 个履行中心的大小大致相同)。根据您收听的来源,它实际上可能是该数量的三倍.As Bloomberg reports, people familiar with the situation claim Amazon needs to do something with over 10 million square feet of warehouse storage space (roughly the same size as 12 of the company's largest fulfillment centers) it no longer needs. It may actually be triple that amount depending on which source you listen to.

解决方案是尝试在短期合同(1-2 年)中转租一些空间,同时谈判现有的租赁终止以摆脱财务负担。通过转租大量空置空间,亚马逊被认为是在对冲其赌注,以防需求再次激增,或者它只是扩大其整体业务以再次开始需要更多空间。The solution is a mix of attempting to sublet some of the space on short-term contracts (1-2 years), while also negotiating existing lease terminations to be rid of the financial burden. By subleasing a lot of the empty space, Amazon is thought to be hedging its bets in case there's another surge in demand or it simply grows its overall business to start requiring more space again.